5 Tips For Retaining Great Customers


Customers. The one thing that everyone in the transportation industry needs (and wants) to keep their business thriving. There’s no one thing that will keep a customer loyal to you. In fact, one mistake can be the end all. As our Vice President Gene Kaiser stated in the “What Being in Business for 100 Years Really Means” blog post: “Well, many customers today only care about, “What have you done for me lately?” One bad experience can destroy a business relationship even if you've delivered excellent service the previous ninety-nine attempts.” So what does one do to try and keep their customers around?

1. Trust.

As the age old saying goes, you do business with people you trust. Trust is essential in business. Any successful relationship is that of which has trust and loyalty. Keep your word, help with critical tasks, be up front when problems arise, and be willing to be transparent. These are all building blocks that are essential to building trust in business relationships. Without trust you have nothing.

2. Service.

Deliver the service you say you will. Things happen in transportation. Trucks break down, get into accidents, are faced with weather etc. If you are proactive and speak with your carriers & make check calls to keep tabs on their route you can properly communicate with your customer to let them know for example that a truck will not deliver at 8am because he got a flat tire. Customers may not like that the truck will be late, but they appreciate the heads up instead of no truck and no explanation come 8am. Issues will arise, and it’s important to stay on top of shipments to ensure proper communication leading to the best service possible.

3. Expertise.

Become your customers’ “go to” and advisor, and if you don't at first know an answer or solution, find one. Being a trusted source helps build a relationship that leads to dependency. If you can be your customers “one stop shop,” they will see you as a vital part to their business meaning they will not only stick with you, but refer you.

4. Go Above and beyond.

If your clients know you are prepared to go above and beyond they will stand by your side when competitors come knocking. This doesn’t mean just saying you will go above and beyond, it means actually doing it. Just like the example given above with a late shipment; isolate potential issues and fix them before they become problems

5. Integrity.

Make sure your words match up to your actions. Do what you say you will simple as that. Be someone others can depend on to fulfill commitments, and fulfill them well. Most importantly follow that of our mission statement and remember why we prevail “Our reason for existence is to glorify Jesus Christ, to strive for excellent transportation solutions for our customer, to treat all people with respect, dignity and integrity, and to provide meaningful employment for our employees.”


Lawren Bagley is a Regional Sales Manager and has been with the company for 10 years. Lawren is a proud Marine Corps wife of a helicopter pilot, loves outdoor adventures with her husband, and anything fashion related.

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