From tying Your Shoe To Exceeding Your Customers Needs. Everything You Need To Know About Process Management.


(Photo from Angelswithshoes)

(Photo from Angelswithshoes)

What are three key components to successful process management system within your operation?


Saying what you and how you do it can be challenging when it comes to simply documenting the process. Think about a task as simple as tying your shoe. There are several ways to achieve the desired outcome of a tied shoe, but how many ways can you think of to accomplish it? What would be the key differences between your methods and let’s say your child’s or grandchild’s method? How do you determine the most effective method in achieving this goal? Most likely there isn't just one correct answer, it’s a collaborative effort of multiple answers to the question. Working with others as a team can really enhance this challenge as indicated in our operating principle on teamwork. “We have many different talents, many different roles, but only one goal.

When defining processes, it is important to begin with the end in mind. By this, I mean truly thinking about how you would like for a task to turn out. Next, after you have defined your process, you must determine the criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the process and control of the process are effective. Is the process easy to follow? Is it user friendly? Does it equate to a win-win situation between you, your co-workers, and your customers? Are exceptions to the rule documented? Clearly defining how to perform as task is only the first step to effective process management. Evaluation of the process is required to identify deficiencies in the process. How often are your reviewing your processes? When change occurs, do you sit back and ask yourself how this affects your procedure? Has the change been effectively communicated to all parties involved? “Every team member’s input has value. I work directly with the entire team and take the time to listen, understand and discuss.

After you've documented your processes, how do you plan to monitor, measure and analyze them? One way is to measure customer complaints. You will reduce service failures by doing this each time your customer has a complaint. If you analyze what went wrong, the true root cause of the services failure, and how to prevent reoccurrence you’ll learn from it! A second way if monitoring processes to also measure positive customer feedback. Yes, it is just as important as the negative! You would be surprised how much positive feedback that you receive from your customers. Share the positive information with those who provided white glove service. Chart your data when possible. A visual aid can bring data alive and allow you easily to identify and analyze trends and data. Visual aids brings a sense of ownership and accountability by displaying what the numbers really are to your team. “I am responsible for my actions, the actions of my team, and the success of the business.

Doing what you say is very crucial to success of process management. This ties directly to our ethics principle of having profound “Integrity and honesty; Always being honorable and doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult.” Your word and job execution in your daily tasks reveals your true commitment to a customer, your boss, and your co-workers. Naturally, most people want to do the right thing all of the time, we tend to experience challenges when we cut corners, make excuses, not ask for help, or run out of time to get the job done. An effective way to measure if we are doing what we say we are is by performing internal audits. Take a portion of a process and measure its performance. You’d be surprised at what you can find!

Lastly, but certainly not least, let’s not forget improvement! In true and effective process management, your work is never done because you should always be thinking of ways to improve and elevate your service. Continually improving is fundamental to customer retention, fulfillment and satisfaction. We should be proactive in having a solution to our customer’s problem before they even ask for one. True focus on our customers, operating principles, and our mission statement results in having a solid foundation for the future. “Our reason for existence is to glorify Jesus Christ, to strive for excellent warehouse and distribution solutions for our customers, to treat all people with respect, dignity and integrity, and to provide meaningful employment for our employees."



Mashara Hernandez is our HKS Operations Coordinator. Mashara is the proud mother of a wonderful 6 year old girl (Milana). She loves to travel and learn new things. Mashara is also proud Carolina Panthers fan!

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