Looking ahead to 2015


The old adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” could never be more true than in today’s business environment, especially in the “Supply Chain” sector. The current year’s crop of challenges including truck capacity, regulations, distribution services, fragmented logistics, complexity in supply and demand, all the while expecting low prices for high value services makes for a year to not go into the office and detach yourself from what is today’s transportation/distribution/logistics/global environment!

Welcome to the New Year where supply chain issues will be quite familiar, solutions more complex, and execution more challenging than ever. Conversely more opportunity will present itself as the domestic economy grows and drags the world economy right along with it. So what’s your plan to satisfy the “insatiable” customer? What is your plan to transform your supply chain offerings to provide consumer driven value? More trucks/drivers, expanded warehousing, new technology programs, logistics analysis tools, people resource upgrades, prayer?

All seem likely with our businesses and all offer much opportunity to embrace change while reminding ourselves it’s still about getting product from one point to another. Even 2000+ years ago the supply chain road was shorter but the same, simple concept existed. We need to move that over there, where others can purchase, sell, trade or otherwise access.

So……..what’s my “plan” for 2015? I’ll start with prayer and work through the above list. It’s my only way to succeed, or at least focus on the “higher purpose” our businesses represent. Peace in the New Year!

-Jeff Harvey (President of Harvey Holdings Inc.)


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