What’s Racking Got To Do With Warehousing?


Racking? So what’s that all involve? When we think about warehouses we picture tall ceilings, lots of floor space, and a place to store product.....but is that all? Absolutely not! How about we concoct a recipe.

Add 4 cups of warehouseman, 3 cups of forklifts, 2 ½ cups of storage equipment, 1 ounce of inventory tracking software, a pinch of a vibrant front office and what do you get?? Statesville Distribution Services! Imagine your kitchen is a warehouse……. SDS can offer the whole service for a kitchen to operate. Let’s start by how we are going to get our key ingredients. Well, it seems our kitchen (racks) may be empty at first, so why don’t we just rely on our fellow sister companies, Holland TMS, Holland Transfer, and Global Vision Group to ship and truck our products into our warehouse where we then can take our ingredients right off the truck and place into our racks.

But you ask me, “Amanda, what if I want my avocados from Mexico (Holland TMS), my grapes from Italy (Global Vision Group), and my peaches from Georgia (Holland Transfer)?” My response: "we at Statesville Distribution can arrange all of that because we are a 4PL, (4th party logistics) and between all four operating companies, we supply the whole logistics chain."

So who’s ready to start cooking in the kitchen? These are key ingredients to this recipe. Now that our racks are full…what about when its time to send to the customers, or our extended family, as we like to call them here at SDS? EASY! The same way we started cooking in the kitchen is the same way we can send our product out to our families! So let’s let Global Vision Group send your 1 pallet of guacamole you just made from your fresh avocados back to Mexico to try since it’s LTL (Less than truckload). And how about those grapes and peaches? Well, you may have that customer that lives in Virginia, in which Holland Transfer can pick up just right down the street at the warehouse and deliver to them. What about the customer in Kansas that wants the peaches from Georgia, no problem, Holland TMS can handle that as well arranging the perfect carrier to deliver.

Man! That’s a great feeling knowing we can service our customers to the max, and be the company people depend on to cover all the necessary stops.

So what’s racking got to do with warehousing you ask? Racking is the foundation for building an efficient warehouse! Let’s get the product in, store the product, and ship the product with no worries to the customer! Just like we would serve our finished product out of our kitchen to our families, we proudly serve our customers with white glove service and say “Be our Guest” here at Statesville Distribution Services.



Amanda is the Operations Supervisor of Statesville Distribution Services located at our HKS Warehouse and she strives to provide customers with white glove service. Amanda's favorite hobbies include teaching Zumba, playing softball and riding her Kawasaki motorcycle. She is a valued asset to the SDS Team!

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